Research & Development and design:
The engineering department of ONSUNE has two function groups, Production Engineering ("PE") and R & D Engineering ("R & D"). 
The PE Group is responsible for routine production control and documentation, including the preparation of the production line layout 
and Operation Instruction Sheets (OIS); monitoring production operations; and reporting and resolving all problems in relation to 
production line assembly fixture and test jigs.
The R & D Group has two sets of responsibilities, namely interactive liaison with customers on new products and development 
of new products. For Original Equipment Manufacturing ("OEM") business, the manufacture of fully developed products in accordance 
with customers’ specification is much simpler than developing or enhancing the products with the customers. The latter requires 
ONSUNE to provide technical and engineering support, such as from simple printed circuit board layout to translating a cosmetic 
design into parts drawings for tool-makers. Our experienced R & D engineers, with the assistance of engineers from the PE Group, 
can evaluate designs for manufacture ability, cost reduction or performance enhancement.

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