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This warranty is designated by a certificated of compliance stating the inspection and test 
done before leaving  ONSUNE TECHNOLOGY LTD. 
ONSUNE TECHNOLOGY LTD, warrants to the purchaser that its product will be free from
defects in material and workmanship and will be of the designated kind and quality for a 
period pf one (1) year from the date of manufacture by ONSUNE TECHNOLOGY LTD. Said
correction of defects shall be made either by:
1) reparing any defective part or parts by making available a repaired part or product, or
2) replacing any defective part or parts by making available a replacement part or product. 
The warranty may be voided if misused, mishandled, improper application or installation. 
This warranty is limited to repaire or replacement of the part only, and we do not assume 
liability of any kind for the use or misuse of such equipment or the results therefore. 
We assume no responsibility beyond the replacement or repair of defective part at 
our factory. 
Limitations of Liability:
1) Seller will not, under any circumstances, whether as result of breach of contract, breach of 
warranty, tort or otherwise be liable for consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages
including, but no limited to, loss of profits or revenues, loss of use of or damage to any 
associated equipment, cost or capital, cost of substitute products, facilities or services, 
downtime costs, or claims of buyer's customers. 
2) seller's liability on any claim of any kind for any loss or damage arising out of, resulting from,
or concerning any aspect of this agreement or from the products or services furnished
hereunder shall not exceed the price of specific order or shipment which gives rise to the 

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